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The Best Casino Table Games

There is a valid reason why many people crowd at casino table games; no other area of the casino has as much thrill. Apart from being lucky, players in casino table games use strategy and experience to win. When you master the odds, you can use knowledge to beat a game as opposed to hitting spin in a slot machine game then crossing your fingers. However, the outcome of any game depends on the nature of play. Similar to everything else in life, there is a difference between playing and playing well. At the level at which you start playing without giving your moves much thought, the game is well-ingrained in the brain.

With the modern life routine and busy schedules, most people will choose online casinos over land-based betting houses. The greatest advantage of the online experience is the chance to engage in repetitive play at your convenience. Furthermore, many online casino offer demo games for practice so you do not have to spend real money until you are ready to. Once you try the Casino table games, you may have the luck to get the best payout. The following list dissects the best casino table games you will find in most gambling spaces;


There is no debate about the fancy name of this game. With Baccarat, there is basically no strategy. This is one of the simplest table games in the casino that are newbie-friendly. Most people however will shy away from this casino table game because of its reputation for high stakes. If you are not a whale or high-roller, you can try out its newer modern version known simply as mini-baccarat.

To start the game, all players including the dealer get 2 cards but they can be 3 if the total of the first two is less than 5. The magic total is 9 although it is not definite – the hand with the closest figure wins (face cards are counted as zero and ace cards earn players a single point. If the total of the cards in hands is more than 9, 10 is subtracted. The twist to this game is that players can bet on any hand present before dealing. Despite its reputation as a high-roller game, playing is the only way to experience its simplicity and thrill.


Rolling dice is simple, right? That is what this game is about. Even if you have never played craps before, chances are that you must have been at the casino at least once when it was being played. The craps table is usually crowded by a blend of players and spectators. As they wait for their rooted outcome, they escort the dice with cheers expressions of disappointments. The “pass line” bet is quite common in Craps; it means that the player wins if their dice rolls to 11 or 7. A 2, 3 or 12 on the dice is a loss for the player. Landing any other number creates a new “point” and the player must continue rolling until they land that new number. If it happens, they win; if they land a 7, the bet is lost. A game of Craps is characterized by high tension but everyone at the table stands to earn large payouts.

Before you play Craps, take time to learn and understand the various types of bets and rules. Most online betting sites offer free versions of this game which players can take advantage of to build confidence.

Three-Card Poker

If you would love to experience the thrill of poker without having to sit around a table with other players, Three-Card Poker is what you need. Classified under video poker or online poker, this poker variant is played by first placing an ante before being dealt with cards. A hand comprises of 3 cards and after dealing the player can either concede defeat or increase their wager to continue. The values of the cards in Three-Card Poker are as they are in standard poker.

If you have played poker before, the twists and turns in Three-Card Poker will flow naturally. All you are basically doing is making a decision according to what you have in your hand. Playing online variants of this game offers invaluable insight into which hands to let go of to avoid loss and which ones to hold on to for their possible great value outcome.


Everybody at the roulette table is there to enjoy the party. The wheel is in a constant spin  as the chips fly and crowd goes crazy. Although this game can be played online, it must be in a live dealer environment. The layout of the game is simple; a casino table with a wheel running over a board with numbers. The dealer drops the ball on the table and simultaneously spins the wheel. As the ball moves over the numbers, the players bet on where it will land; 00 for American Roulette, black or red slot in European Roulette. Players can also bet on whether the ball will land on even or odd number slot, a specific number location or combination of outcomes.

The little time it takes to master the rules of this game makes it quite popular in casinos. Here is a game where no one can purport to offer you betting advice better than what you can do.

If you have ever been at the table when live betting is at work, you must have noticed that everything is done in haste. Speed is crucial in this game because the house must take breaks in between games to settle bets. The value of chips at the table at any given time can add up to thousands of dollars owing to the high odds of the game.


While the minimum bet for Blackjack is considered a high limit by most players, there is no easy table game as this. The greatest setback for those who finally get a hold of the $10-25 required for a single game is finding a suitable open seat. This causes many players to play for higher stakes just to secure a spot at the table. Online Blackjack offers better options but the money tends to slip away faster.

The internet is a rich source of guides on best strategies to win at Blackjack but the best way to learn is practice – try different hands and in various casinos to get a wider view of scenarios. There are even live dealer blackjack sessions for those who are looking for a real-life sensation at their convenience.


Although this article has focused on some of the oldest table games in the history of gambling, some newer and exotic casino table games worth a try include Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud, Pai Gow Poker and Mississippi Stud. Once you play casino table games there are many gifts which you might receive, try them out for your own luck.

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