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The Earliest Forms of Gambling in Ancient Civilizations


Gambling has been around for a long time. Many people fail to understand among the earliest and dominant forms of entertainment is gambling. Evidence is there to support that there were gambling activities in ancient civilizations. It turns out that the activity has been around for ages.

Information provided in the famous encyclopedia Britannica, is that gambling was severely curtailed and regulated in the laws of ancient China and Rome too. The uncurable gamblers from Egypt were subjected to forced labor. Gambling was also a point of interest to the ancient Greeks. Minoan civilization was first to introduce games that were much similar to the casino poker.

While today gambling serves as a hobby to some, back then it was an integral part of cultural and religious traditions.

Gambling in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt

When speaking of ancient civilizations, you have to mention Egypt and Mesopotamia. Scientific knowledge has it that humans decided to leave their nomadic lifestyles and settle in Mesopotamia. It is no wonder why the earliest evidences relating to gambling were discovered here.

Little is known on the gaming artifacts that were discovered here but it is believed that most of them involved betting on their outcome. Among the prominent gaming items discovered include a four-sided Astragali – also called knucklebones.

These artifacts were made of animal talus bones but were then recreated using other materials like metal, wood and stone. This was what was used as dices back then before the six-sided was created. The dice and knucklebones were also used by ancient Egyptians.

Before gambling these artefacts were used to make communications with the gods. Ancient Egyptians believed that when the die was thrown it would reveal answers to some specific questions.

A discovery made in 2012 proved that the ancient civilizations in Egypt also used a 20-sided die. It is not known what the purpose for this die was however. The Egyptians just like several other civilizations found great pleasure and value in gaming which made them start using dice in games. The dice was widely used more so in the earliest board game – Senet, which means “the game of passing.”

Historians however, have never come to terms with the rules of the game. The historians reconstructed the terms of the Royal Game of Ur which was a board game discovered in 1920s in the Royal Tombs of Ur. The game was also played in Egypt but using the name Asseb.

Gaming in Primitive China

All through China has been and is still the gambling capital as far as the Far East is concerned. Despite the banning of games of chances in China for extended periods, many gamblers have always seen the country as a mecca to bet on their money. Majority of historians even believe that gambling can be traced to have originated from Ancient China. This also supports the fact that most popular games in Asia originated from China.

Gambling has been in existence during the Xia dynasty’s reign which was in 1900-1600 B.C. Most nations however, were aware of the risks of gambling supposing it turned to be an obsession. That, therefore, ensured games of chances were put under stringent control or even banned like in Ancient China.

The ancient Chinese people never ceased playing even after it was banned and finally the country legalized the sport. It was only legalized as it would generate income for the country from the gamblers free will to play instead of additional taxes on citizens.

China’s entrenched gambling culture explains why several of the most famous games of chance started from there. These games include poker, keno, blackjack among others. China is also responsible for inventing playing cards.

Gambling in the Americas

Little information has been discovered in regards to gambling in ancient Americas. However, it is clear that the Americas engaged in dice games. Archeologist Barbara Voorhies uncovered an ancient scoreboard used for some dice games or something similar in 2010.

It had a series of holes and was punched on the floor. The artifact was dated 5,000 years old which is the oldest evidence of gambling activities to be found in the Americas. Among the oldest games is the Patolli game in Ancient Americas.

The game was similar to Ludo if you consider its gameplay and board design. However, game of Patolli required two players and the stakes were a bit higher. Every contestant had six markers and they would have to wager one item for each of the six markers. The bet could be placed on food, personal belongings, gold jewelry or precious stones.

Some players would even go to the extreme ends of betting their family, freedom or homes. The game involved as many rounds as possible until one victor emerged who would have won the bet. The game of Patolli only ended after one player had possessed all his opponents’ items and they still have their belongings with them. Gambling activities have been going on in America to date and the why America has some of Largest Casinos in the world and some of the best places to gamble are located in the US.


Gambling did not start just recently as many would have thought. It has just been transforming as time goes by but the truth is gambling has been around for centuries. Evidence to support these sentiments have been unearthed and documented. China seem to have played a bigger role in the gambling field for a long time now. China is one of most attractive gambling destination around the globe in the current days.    

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How to Win at Poker

Poker is an easy game to learn. You should be ready to start once you understand its concept of hands, odds, and outs.  You should also master the rules of the game and what various terms mean. Unlike other games, Poker is both a skilled and strategy game. It doesn’t solely depend on luck.  If you play smart, the chances of you winning are high. The best quote that summarizes this is by Mike Sexton, “It takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.” Read more to learn how to win at poker. Whether you are a beginner or experienced player, taking these strategies will further your game.

A common mistake that many newbies make is playing many hands. The opposite of this is called playing ‘Tight.’ It is a strategy that involves playing fewer hands, allowing you to observe how the game unfolds, and make better decisions. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the game, ensure you are familiar with these factors;

  • The basics of the game
  • The ranking of hands
  • How to describe hand ranks
  • How to bet
  • What consists of a Draw Hand

The basics

You need to learn all the rules of poker, hands, and positions. Be knowledgeable about how poker hand ranking works, how to beat those that rank lower, and so on. This will prevent you from wasting valuable time overthinking about which move to make. Here are the poker ranks; Royal Flush, Straight flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs, one pair, and no pair.

Do not start playing poker before learning positions. Getting the chance to play after others is advantageous for it will influence your decision. This is called being in position. Consider playing more hands whenever you have this advantage. Note that these positions alternate to ensure the game is fair. If you are looking for Poker Tournaments in Vegas, Here are 5 Best Poker Tournaments in Vegas

Begin by playing low stakes

Though you want to have all the fun while at it, you shouldn’t cut the experience short by staking high only for you to lose at the start of the game. Playing low enables you to come up with a probable winning strategy. You won’t be hurt in case of a loss, since you are learning in the process. Your skills will improve every time you move up stakes. You’ll have a chance to observe the entire game and determine which best hands to play.

Look for the best games.

Avoid playing with better, more experienced players because chances of you losing are high. Playing with the weakest players increases your likelihood of beating them. Look for the best casino in your location to play, research on the best time to play where we have many diverse players active and search games that support your format, be it cash or MMTs.

Play a Tight Aggressive game

As mentioned above, playing a tight game is smart. Being aggressive puts your opponents on edge and makes them imagine that you have better cards. They’ll be prompted to play their best cards, leaving you with the advantage. The more you pressurize your opponents the more you’ll be smiling in the long run.

Use Position to make better decisions.

Another strategy you can employ if you want to know how to win poker is playing more hands during the much later positions. For instance, the button position is the best because you can make more profits while sitting there. Playing more hands here is a good move.

Play when in a good mood

This advice applies to all types of games, whether playing poker or not. Players tend to make irrational decisions when in a bad mood. Such worsens the situation and you may find yourself out of the game as soon as it begins. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Master poker odds

Odds and evens are probabilities of something happening. This is an essential aspect of poker that you must learn to make the right moves that can result in wins. Poker is a mathematics game, and understanding how the numbers work is an added advantage. What are the odds of you hitting the winning hand based on the pot odds? Examples of Texas Holdem cards include;

  • Straight flush draw.’
  • ‘Flush draw and gun-shot.’
  • ‘Flush draw.’
  • ‘Open-ended straight draw.’
  • ‘Two overcards.’
  • ‘Gun-shot’
Learn how to multiply the outs, to come up with probabilities.

Try to figure out your opponents’ cards.

Since poker is a game of numbers, after playing a few rounds, it’s possible to ‘guess’ what cards our opponent may be holding. This info will make you know what outs you have and what best move to make. To help you guess correctly, think about the following;

  • What is his position, and what hands do you think he’ll play?
  • Did he bet or check?
  • Check the board texture.
  • How long does he take to make a decision? This could be an indicator of how great a position he is in, or not.

Do not rush

Take your time, rather than make hasty decisions just for the thrill of it. It’s better to play at only one table and feel relaxed at the beginning of the game. Don’t let all the pressure about positions, hands, odds and outs, pressure you.

Bluff less at the start

In the beginning, you shouldn’t bluff a lot. Know when to play and when to fold. When the game progresses and more players are playing an aggressive game, bluffing more is acceptable.

Fold smartly

Learning to fold is another important strategy you shouldn’t ignore.

Get a Tracking Software

You don’t have to invest in an advanced program. Get a simple software to help you track your opponents’ statistics. It will help you learn about what moves to make when faced with different scenarios. By doing this you might as well become a very great poker player and be ranked among the best.

Overall, Poker isn’t a complicated game as such. These are a few tips and strategies you can follow to learn how to win at poker. You can also get some learning resources to help you understand positions, hands, pot odds, etc. Feel free to try your luck in poker once you have mastered these tricks. Here are top 5 benefits of being a high Roller

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Football Betting: How to Handicap


Just like most of the competitive sports, in football, there are typically perceived strengths and qualities between the two meeting teams. Several different influences bring about the superiority of one side over the other. That could be financial backing, player availability/injuries or home advantage or even historical dominance.

Soccer betting uses the mentioned influences to form the odds of each side before a game. It, therefore, becomes almost palpable on who is going to win the match hence less attractive and small odds. Gambling started in earlier days and has been ongoing since then, there are some Ancients forms of gambling that have been in use .

What is Handicap Betting?

It is ideal when the perceived difference in the two teams based on their abilities is enormous. Therefore, the betting odds on the favourite team to win is very small, giving minute returns to punters. To counter this biasness in perceived abilities and give more appealing and balanced odds, bookmakers introduced the handicap betting.

So, in football handicap odds level the playing ground hence giving better odds. Handicap accounts for the difference in the perceived abilities between the two teams. It applies a goal handicap on both sides – negative and positive.

That gives players higher odds, and it becomes interesting, unlike betting just on the three common possible outcomes – 1X2. In other words, bookmakers are levelling the field of play by introducing a virtual disadvantage or advantage to the teams involved.

Looking at an example here between Manchester United and Bournemouth where Manchester United are the favorites to win this game. Their odds would be so low and not appealing at all so punters can check on handicap betting for this match. Thus, the bookmaker could give Bournemouth a 2-0 handicap.

What that means is you have given Bournemouth an added advantage of 2 goals upfront. If you pick Bournemouth to win with the two goals handicap, it means even if Manchester United win the game by 1-0, you will still win the bet. In the eyes of the bookies, the final score is Manchester United 1-2 Bournemouth.

No Draw Handicap

Handicap betting was introduced to make one-sided contests more enticing and exciting for the punters. With this type of handicap, there is always a guaranteed winner regardless of the results of the game. Bookmakers will offer half handicaps to specific teams in the no draw handicap match betting. 

For example, there is a match between Norwich and Aston Villa in the Premier League. The bookmaker decides to give Norwich a +1.5 handicap. You decide to place your bet on Norwich to win and the final results of the game turn out to be Norwich 2-3 Aston Villa.

From the results, your bet will payout as in the eyes of the bookmaker Norwich have won the match by 3.5-3 because of the handicap. The game can barely end in a draw according to this handicap as in football there are no half goals. However, it is prudent to note that in handicap scenarios, it only works for the match you are placing your bet on only.

Handicap League Betting

It is a popular handicap betting fancied by many gamblers. Handicap league betting is where players are offered a handicap bet on the performance of a team throughout the season. In this betting, you will wager your bets at the beginning of the season.

The bets will be based on odds that offer different handicaps for all the teams in that league division. League favorites will be given the scratch handicap of zero. Other teams in the league will have handicaps based on expectations of the bookmaker on how they will perform. More substantial handicaps will be placed on weaker teams in the league to level the field of play.

This handicap betting is different from the handicap match betting. With the handicap match betting, the handicap only applies to the selection you have chosen for you to calculate the outcome of the game after it has been played. With handicap league betting the handicap applies to the teams you have placed the bet on to get their results after the season is complete.

After all the handicaps have been applied, then the final league table will be determined in the eyes of the bookmaker to find out if your bet was successful.

Asian Handicap Betting

It is a handicap betting popularized in Asia, and it comprises of whole and half numbers. That means there are no draws just like the no draw handicap match betting. The main difference, however, with this Asian handicap is that you could have split handicaps.

The selection you bet on could be having one half number handicap and one whole number handicap.


Norwich (-1, -1.5) vs Aston villa (+1, +1.5)

In the example above, Norwich has to win the game by two clear goals to win the bet. However, if Norwich wins by one goal, the handicap on the whole number means the match was a draw while the half number handicap will present Aston villa with a win.

If you had placed your bet on Norwich win, then you will be given half your wager amount back. Anyone who had put their bet on Aston villa will receive half their stake. The other half will be given as winning based on the bookmaker’s odds.

Final Thoughts

Handicap betting levels the field of play for outcomes in a match that seems so obvious. It gives a virtual advantage or disadvantage to the teams involved to make a bet more attractive and raise the odds.    

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Casino Games with the Best Payout


Bagging a jackpot could change your life for good. The ideal way to secure good cash at a casino is by engaging the games with high payouts. The majority of gamblers tend to think that winning at a casino is pure luck. Well, some players may be lucky sometimes, but most of the time, winning is based on probability and statistics.

You are better placed to win at a casino on a game that has a small house edge. That game has better odds than the one with a huge house edge. The following is a list of casino games that offer high odds and hence pay outs to the players.

Blackjack – House edge 1%

Many gamblers prefer playing blackjack at the casino to win money. If you apply the prominent winning blackjack strategy, you are sure to reap big from this game. With just a 1% on the house edge, the player has a winning possibility of 99%. Players without a winning strategy could end up with a house edge of 3% or 2%. 

Currently, blackjack is the most common game played by high rollers. That is because there is a strategy that, if you adhere to, you might win yourself some good money. If you feel you have acquired some gaming skills, then blackjack is an easy game to earn big money.

Baccarat – House edge 1.09%

Among the famous casino games is Baccarat. It also falls in the category of high payout casino games. However, as you would expect with high payout games, the amount you place the bet with is quite substantial. That means if you are to lose, you will lose a lot just like if you win, you win a lot of money.

Having that in mind ensures that you only place a bet when the winning odds are much on your side. In most of these online casinos, the players win 49.32% of the outcomes while the banker cashes in 50.68%.

Craps – house edge 1.41%

Typically, crap games have an enlarged scope of the house edge, which could be as high as 10% or no house edge. Normally, odd bets have a 0% house edge while Pass Line bet has a house edge of 1.41%.  When the house edge is zero, you could seize the opportunity.

To qualify for the bet, however, you may need to have made a Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line. The average house edge is calculated from the amount you place a bet with at the Craps table. Many casinos will give 3X odds, which makes the average house edge to be 0.47% for the Pass Line odds and 0.34% for Don’t Pass. Once at casino table here are the Best Casino Table Games

Roulette – house edge 2.7%

Roulette gives their players a diverse variety of odds, even though they all lead to the exact house edge when averaged. The European and American roulettes have no much of a distinction. Both have numbers from 1-36 with all the numbers in black or red positions.

For the American roulette, you can expect the house edge to the range of 5.26% while the player has 47.37%. Regardless of the odds given out, you will find that the European roulette’s house edge stands at 2.7%. That means it has a higher payout than the American roulette.

Three Card Poker – house edge 3.37%

This game is based on poker. The game has been popular, all thanks to the high payouts to players. However, most of the profits go to the casino or the guys who own rights to this specific game. Many players fancy the game as it does not involve too much observation or attention due to several betting options.

Players will normally have winning odds of 44.91% while the dealer has 55.03%. Generally, if you are looking for a casino game that breaks the traditional games’ boredom, then Three Card Poker is your go-to game.

Poker Pursuit.

You probably have never come across this casino game known as Poker Pursuit. It is not as popular, but if you are the player who loves trying out new games, then this game is worth your time. The game has a high payout, and when done correctly, you can secure huge winnings from here.

Caribbean Stud Poker – house edge 5.2%

Many players find this game quite easy to play with an easy concept to grasp. Some casinos will even give you free game-plays for you to learn. The winning idea here is to raise if you have a pair or higher, or if you have less than what the dealer’s qualifying hand is you fold.

The qualifying hand could be an Ace or a King. The average house edge for this game is 5.2%, but progressive jackpots take up the risks involved. Both the Straight Flush and the Royal Flush have equal odds, 50:1. Players are paid from right, moving to the left by the dealer.

That means if two players secure a royal flush, the one closer to the dealer on their right will be awarded the full jackpot. The player who has the right flush will then be given just 10% of the amount remaining. Check out the Top 10 Pay Out Slots with the Highest RTP.


These are among the high paying casino games. Their odds are much higher, and the house edges are lower. If you follow a strategy, you could win lots of cash as gambling is all about strategy and patience.        

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Five Things to Look for When Searching for a Reputable Casino

In this guide, you’re going to know the top five things to look for when searching for a reputable casino and why.

 Let’s get the party started, shall we?

For a fact, online casinos have come a long away, and most of their reputation has grown from the time they came to life. The casino and gambling industry has grown and expanded with everyday emerging vast numbers of casinos by providers and dealers. Because of this, finding a reputable casino isn’t a walk in the park.

 Speaking of reputable casinos, it is wise to note that it has nothing to do with how big the brand is but how excellent it is when it comes to player experience, terms of quality of services, and most importantly, its newbie-friendly nature. Here are the five things to keep in mind and look for when searching for your reputable online casino:

Casino’s licensing and operator

Believe it or not, participating in unlicensed casinos is harmful to your finances and your gambling experience. Here’s why:

Unlicensed casinos don’t guarantee your security to your money if other players take advantage of you, and the law will not be able to help in such cases as well. 

Even better, there are two significant reasons for licensing that help show how a casino is excellent for all players. The first is that such a casino will always abide by the state’s laws, thus practicing fairness to all players. A reputed casino is always the one that is licensed and abide by all the gambling jurisdictions.

 The other vital aspect regarding choosing a licensed casino is that it will offer its players accesses to its reviews from others, helping them make informed decisions before placing bets- This doesn’t happen with unlicensed casinos, thus the chances of losing your money are high.

 Also, the casino operator is another factor to consider when selecting a reputable casino. This is because, knowing the operator will help you understand how fair they offer their services.

Casino’s software

If you didn’t know, excellent software is the heart of every casino’s superior user experience and performance. It is the casino’s software that allows players a superb cache of games and smooth maneuvering on its website. If you want to select a reputable casino, make sure you take your time to know its software features.

Even better, the casino’s software ensures a magnificent user experience because players can use it to horn their casino skills. For example, reputable casinos like Microgaming, which is one of the leading casinos when you speak of excellent software.

Microgaming offers high grades software that brings players a unique experience, such as Paycheck and Cashcheck.

Cash check allows participants to track their casino cash history while pay check enables them to access and track their game history. This is vital in helping you know which games you’re best at and understand your lucky days. Check out the Casino games with the best Pay out.

Casino’s Bonuses and promotions

A reputable casino should ensure it offers excellent games, good odds, promotions and bonuses. The best casinos needs to understand that players don’t always have enough money to place large bets amount and learn to boost them with bonuses and promotions for the little they have.

That said, you’ll agree with me that a reputable casino should give its players fantastic promotions and bonuses, which is a tip you should keep in mind when selecting your best casino.

Another reason why reputable casinos should offer bonuses and promotions is to help casino newbies feel motivated and help them horn their skills with little stakes.

Casino’s customer care and secure of payments

That’s for sure: Almost every gambling enthusiast is always looking for an online casino with secure payments and reliable customer care. Here’s why:

Playing casino is an investment to serious players, and once you’ve won your cash, you’re not going to like the idea of suffering withdrawing your winnings, will you? This is precisely why when you’re selecting a reputable casino, secure payments and customer help is a factor to consider.

Also, casinos with reliable customer care will ensure you’ve got a smooth experience in your casino gambling experience. For instance, when you’re placing bets on events that are about to start, and you’re faced with a technical problem, the best thing is knowing , there is a reliable source of help you can reach to quickly to solve your problem without having to miss or cancel your bets.

When it comes to casino’s payment, methods of payments are what you should pay much attention to. This is because, there is no sense playing and winning in a casino where accessing your money is hard. When considering this, make sure the casino you’re involved in can easily send your winnings through the bank, wire transfers, or other accessible means such as PayPal and others.

Casino’s security level

Security has always been an issue for most casinos, and this can be used to differentiate between reputable and non-reputable casinos.

With reputable casinos, dealers and officials put significant concerns on the security of their fans and players.

Operators of reputable casinos with reasonable security measures will always put across robust security measures that guarantee complete safety and magnificent experience.

Casino’s ethics based on your state laws

 When selecting a reputable casino, you may want to consider its work ethics and your state laws. When you engage yourself with casino gambling, especially online casinos, the best casino is the one that respects the laws of your country. Here’s why this is vital:

In the event you play games and bet in casinos that don’t meet or abide by your state laws, you won’t be putting those casinos in the danger of facing the law but yourself. That said, it is wise to note that a reputable casino is the one that doesn’t make you a lawbreaker in your country. Its also important to consider the Eco-friendly Casinos for environment conservation.

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Top 10 Pay out Slots with the Highest RTP

When you decide to become an expert casino and gambling personnel, picturing how to get the best of your money is the best choice you’ve got.

This is precisely why this guide is here, in this guide, you’re going to get to know the Top 10 Pay outs Slots with the highest PRT to increase your winning chances as well as get the best of your gambling money, ready?

Let’s get the party started, shall we?

While most gamblers don’t know where to look for when it comes to casinos, smart players always steer towards the best and top-rated payouts slots with the highest PRT, which is the goldmine in all casinos!

The idea here is simple: Players’ return in the world of gambling and casinos is measured over thousands of games they play. With that said, it all boils down to a player’s ability to know where to look when it comes to casinos and gambling, which is getting to know popular slots with the highest RTP.

With that in mind, here is your ultimate list of the Top 10 Pay outs slots with the highest RTP:

Mega Joker {Netent} – 99% RTP

First, off the gates, our list starts with this fantastic payouts slot most players can’t help but love- the famous Mega Joker payout slot.

Although most Jackpots and other casinos boast of having large RTP, there are all beaten down by Mega Joker payouts slot. Here’s why:

Betting even with the smallest amount of about a single coin in Mega Joker will give you a tremendous win of the highest RTP accounting to about 76.9%.

If you’re a regular gambler who places an extraordinary amount of money, betting with about ten coins on Mega Jokers earns you a winning probability of about 89% to 99% in payouts slot RTP.

Even better, Mega Jokers offers it player’s high pay outs in its super meter mode. When playing super meter mode, all you need is select your bets according to levels and your chances of winning will be shooting above the shelves. Here are Top 10 Free Slot Games for iPad

Jackpot 6000- has a 98.8% RTP

Second, on the list is this famous Jackpot 6000. This is a thrilling and classical slot where you can play and win as much money with five pay lines that aren’t available on other platforms. Jackpot 6000 comes to you with the highest RTP by only betting with as little as 1 to ten coins per spin. By playing with only ten coins, your winnings and pay outs enter the super mode options, which give you an estimated 98.8% chance of making benefits.

1429 Uncharted Seas Slots- 96% RTP

Another top-rated slots with the highest RTP is non-other than this Uncharted seas. With this slot, you will be looking to enjoy a higher chance of winning payouts that amount to 96% of your stake.

Even better, uncharted seas come with exciting games such as thunderkick.  These games also offer players free trials helping them master how to win colossal amounts once they place real money. This is also the best video slot with the highest RTP you’ll ever found around the globe.

Bloodsuckers- 98% RTP

If you love to play vampire games with the highest RTP, you will love the bloodsucker’s online slots games. Here’s why:

Bloodsuckers come with a significant chance of the highest payouts of about 98% to increase your chances of winning every coin you place bets on. The other thing that increases blood sucker’s RTP is because players have a wide range of games to choose from. Once you’ve mastered the best games, winning is made easy where your money increases with the highest RTP offered.  Isn’t that fascinating?

Star mania slots- 98% RTP

For players who like colorful games, Starmania is an excellent choice for you.  This slot also comes with free game features where you can excellently train to become a master and start winning massive amounts with 98% RTP chances once you’ve placed your money in gambling.

Additionally, players enjoy starmania’s winning, which doesn’t just increase from the high RTP but also from its ten paylines, which are payable on both game’s directions.

Kings of Chicago- 97% RTP

Another excellent slot that comes with the highest payouts slot of about 97% RTP is the kings of Chicago.

With this slot, your gaming will be a mixture of elements, including poker and videos, which aim to help you win more from your stakes. Unlike other slots, the kings of Chicago give you a chance of winning a poker game in five different paylines, all having a higher 97% RTP.

Devil’s delight- 98% RTP

Another slot with the highest RTP you’ll always want to try out is this famous Devil’s delight that gives you a winning chance of 98% RTP.

Delight is designed with exciting features giving players a fantastic experience in their gambling expertise, which increases their chances of stacking up their wins.

Retro Reels- 97.5% RTP

If the above slots don’t match what you’re looking for, here is another slot you’ll probably love-the Retro reels. Not only will you enjoy its highest 97% RTP pay outs slots, but Retro reels also give players amazing games that most people love. With this slot, you’ll tremendously enjoy amazing games such as: Classic machine fruit games like lemons, cherries, bars, and bells are easy to win once you’ve mastered them. At the same time, your winning chances will increase from Retro Reel’s features, including free bonuses and modern video slots. Check out the casinos games with the best Pay outs

Simsalabim- 98% RTP.

If you ever wanted to enjoy magical themed slots games, this is one of them that you can’t help but love to play. Simsalabim comes with a record of the highest RTP of about 98%, which promises players great winnings from their stakes.

To make sure you get the best of your money from Simsalabim, make sure while playing, keep your eyes on the peeled bunny rabbits symbols, which triggers your winning by increasing bonuses from three and above rabbits.

Jack Hammer -97% RTP

Our list closes with this famous Jackhammer slot, which gives its players a higher RTP percentage of about 97. It also comes with ninety-nine bet lines where players can select their favourite and win as much as their stakes allow them. Again, Jackhammer boasts of a variety of features that make games more exciting to players, thus winning becomes easier. Wondering when is the best time to play slots machines at a casino ,here is the guide.

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8 Best Games to play in Vegas

Las Vegas is a bright and vibrant city that offers the best gambling experience in the whole world. It’s synonymous with numerous casinos that allow gaming to take place 24/7. Many people travel to Las Vegas to enjoy the entertainment and party environment. In this post, we’ll handle some of the most popular games you can play in Vegas.


Blackjack, commonly referred to as 21, is one of the oldest casino games that gamblers love to play in Las Vegas. The game gets a lot of influence from popular culture, especially from the film 21. It’s one of the easiest card games to learn and has a low house edge.

Players must rely on their two cards to defeat the banker while earning less than 21 points in the process and not bust.

Slot machines

Slots have become very popular, not just in Vegas because you can access the games from anywhere using your mobile device or computer. You don’t have to step in a land-based casino to play slot machines. Vegas offers the best environment to enjoy the excitement and thrills that slots provide.

Over the years, slots have evolved with modern games having more advanced features attractive to players. They are also simple to learn as all you have to do click on Spin. Cross your fingers that the symbols form a winning combination that enables you to enjoy huge profits, bonuses, free rounds, etc.

The games come in various themes, designs, graphics, and jackpots, all of which enhance the game elements. One feature that continues to draw more players is the progressive jackpot, with fans getting a chance to win big. With all the many game types available, you can’t miss finding one that interests you. Here is a list of the Top 10 Pay out Slots with the Highest RTP.


Craps may seem complicated, especially for beginners, but it’s all simple once you learn the game dynamics. Don’t let its many boxes confuse you. It’s all about shooting dice and getting certain specific numbers. Note that there are different types of rolls: subsequent rolls and come-out rolls.

One way of playing it is by betting on whether the dealer will succeed or fail. (pass/not pass) Betting for the pass line marks a win whenever the dealer rolls a seven or an 11. If 2, 3, or 12, come up, then you lose. If any of the other remaining numbers come up, that’s anew set point. When the dice rolls again, you want one of the other numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 to show up before the games set back to targeting number 7. If this happens, you are guaranteed a win.

You need no strategies to play crabs. It’s an excellent game to play and one of the most social ones. It involves many players around the table, all of whom are connected to that one game.


Baccarat entails a lot of guessing. Both player and dealer get a hand, after which the score is calculated by adding up values together, excluding the first digit. The only similarity between Baccarat and Blackjack is that both use traditional cards.

It has a low house age and a favorite for many high rollers that are not interested in fast-paced games.


Consider playing Roulette since it’s a simple game that requires no skills. Also, the bets are fair. All eyes are on the wheel when the dealer spins. If lucky and your number comes up, the win is yours for the take. For instance, if you pick a black and the spin lands on red, your earnings are doubled.


Poker is a player vs. player type of game. Casinos offer different variations of Poker, the most popular one being Texas Hold’em. The player with the best five-hand wins the game. The ranking of the cards starts with a high card, while the highest is the Royal Flush.

One variation of Poker that you can try out is the 3-card poker. The game is slightly different than the traditional style of playing poker. Here, players play against the house. You’ll have three cards to play with and can only hope that you beat the dealer’s three cards.

First, start with an ante bet, and if it’s good, place another one under your first bet. If you beat the dealer, then the win is yours to celebrate. Alternatively, the other way you can win is by making a pair in the pair plus bet.


It’s a lottery game of chance popular in most Vegas resorts. Players are presented with a table of numbers ranging from 1 to 80 and must choose up to 10 numbers. The numbers are imprinted on the balls, placed in a container that spins around as it draws numbers one by one. Once the draw is complete, you’ll count how many of the numbers you got right. The more accurate numbers you nail, the higher your payout.


Bingo is a fun game of chance that will require you to match numbers on cards, and compare them with those that the dealer draws at random. When one of the players shouts, ‘bingo,’ the draw stops. Lucky players who nail all the arrangements correctly end up winning the jackpot.

Overall, there are many games to explore in Las Vegas resorts. In addition to the ones listed above, you can also play Pai Gow Poker, Pai Gow, video poker, Sic Bo, or bet on Race and Sportsbook. If visiting Vegas, join in on the fun by participating in some of these exciting casino games. Your experience will be something to remember. You don’t have to be a pro; some games are easy to grasp and depend solely on luck. Wondering which are the best Poker tournaments in Vegas? Here are the 5 best Tournaments in Vegas.