Top Ten Hockey Fights in History

You must be wondering why they let them fight in ice hockey. It is said that fighting in hockey contributes immensely to creating solidarity in a team, preventing other foul play, and protecting star players. There are a few things that are worth noting in regards to hockey fights. The fighting is done by my enforcers in a team whose roles is known to be to intimidate. Also, some fights are premeditated by the players, and others are spontaneous. As much as these fights are allowed, participants do not get to go scot-free. There is a myriad of penalties that are imposed on them.

Here are the top ten hockey fights in history.

1. Dave Schultz vs. Tiger Williams

One of the things that make this fight astonishing is the players behind it. Tiger Williams does not only appear several times in hockey fights, but he is also an outstanding player. He leads in NHL in penalty minutes, amounting to 4,421. In total, William has been in 234 fights, which all resulted in bruised knuckles and black eyes. The fantastic part about this is that he always ends up on the winning side.

What prompted this fight was Tiger William’s slash on Philadelphia captain Bobby Clarke. This did not sit well with Dave Schultz, and he dropped his gloves and went after Tiger Williams.

2. Jarome Iginla vs. Vincent Lecavalier

The unique thing about this fight is that the best forwarders enforced it in their times. The two players met in 2004 in the Stanley Cup Final. How did the fight start? Well, Lecavalier was put off by the aggressive checking of the other forwarder, Iginla, in Game 3, where the two were battling across the boards.

Vincent turned to square his opponent, Iginla, who seemed to have more experience in exchanging blows. It didn’t take him too much energy to get in the rhythm.

3. Quebec Nordiques vs. Montreal Canadians

Quebec Nordiques left a legacy of being the best goal scorers and being hard hitters. The most memorable fight of this team, which is currently known as Colorado Avalanche, took place in 1984. The fight took place on 20th April in Adams Divisional Final game 6. The fight resulted from what can be termed as the heightening of frustration due to the length of the series.

Later in the game, the players circled each other, and this is where blows started. This was a pretty thrilling fight as there were 14 battles taking place in the ice at the same time. The fight attracted an enormous 252 penalty minutes.

4. Gordie Howe vs. Lou Fontinato

The one thing you will realize about this fight is that there is no visual record. However, this does not mean that it did not happen. The stories passed down is enough to help you create a visual scenario of the fight. Lou Fontiano was known to be one of the most feared enforcers to play hockey. This particular fight took place in New York on 1st February 1959. Lou finally got the chance to mean one of the game’s fantastic scorers, who was also not afraid to drop the gloves, Gordie Howe. The fight ended with Lou getting a significant share of punches and a dislocated jaw.

5. Philadelphia Flyers vs. Ottawa Senators

The reason behind the Philadelphia Flyer’s hold for the most penalty minutes of 419 was Donald Brashear. He was also known as the fiercest enforcer of that time. The rivalry between the two teams ensued after Ottawa sent Philadelphia home a straight two years. The team could not let that slide when they next met after the series of losses.

Ottawa’s Martin Havlat had hit Philadelphia’s player Mark Recchi in the face with his hockey stick, fueling a lot of emotions in Philadelphia Flyers. With less than two minutes into the 5Th March 2004 game. Brashear and Rob Ray dropped the gloves and got into it. This motivated chaos in the game: both teams had to finish the game with only 13 players.

6. Philadelphia Flyers vs. Montreal Canadiens

What made this fight astonishing is the fact that it started even before the game began. It qualifies as one of the planned hockey fights. The fight happened on 14th May 1987 in game 6 in the Wales Conference. It all started because Claude Lemieux could not heed to the warnings made by the Flyers of not shooting the puck into the empty net. This was the most embarrassing fight ever recorded by NHL.

7. Marty McSorely vs. Donald Brashear

Donald Brashear was not only an outstanding hockey player, but he could also not miss the chance to get physical. His fight with Marty McSorely was motivated by endless taunting through the game. All this time, McSorely was getting worked on by Brashear until he got the chance to give him a share of the beating. Unfortunately, this cost him his career as he was charged with assault. This was, however, one of the memorable fights in the history of hockey. If you want to try Football Betting, here is a guide of how to handicap.

8. Boston Bruins vs. New York Rangers

The fight took place during an exciting season in the calendar, Christmas. It was on 23rd December 1979 during the Bruins and Rangers game. The whole place turned into a battlefield where people ran from all corners throwing punches, shoes, and sticks. It was an exciting fight to say; you should consider watching it.

9. Wendel Clark vs. Marty McSorely

Marty McSorely must be one of the most active enforcers considering his appearance in this list. This fight started with McSorely giving Dave Gilmour a dirty hit. What followed was Wendel Clark coming for him in defense of his teammate. The fight was exciting, and you are better off watching it.

10. Colorado Avalanche vs. Detroit Red Wings

This March 26th, 1997 fight was the most heated that hockey has ever seen. Claude Lemieux, who was Colorado’s enforcer, served Detroit’s Slava Kozlov with a punch. It did not stop there, Lemieux served Kris Draper with a hit that left him with a fractured jaw. This is the bloodiest and the most-watched hockey fights. If you haven’t watched the fights above, you will have no idea what hockey fights look like.


Top 10 Racehorses of all time

Horseracing is an entertaining sport that has seen some classic races that fans still resonate with today. Some horses stand out because of their exemplary performances that left us with pleasant memories. With so many racehorses available, choosing the Top 10 racehorses of all time is no easy task, and is subject to debate. Also, these races are from all over the world and were dominant in different eras. Here are some of them, ranked in no particular order.

1.    Black Caviar

You may be familiar with Black Caviar because she is from recent times. She is from Australia and was active between 2009 and 2013. This horse makes this list because of its sprinting capabilities. More so like the Usain Bolt of horseracing. Almost all the races she participated in were in her native Australia. Many recall how she shone in the UK in 2012, setting new records, and winning multiple awards.

  • Winner of the ‘ 2012 Diamond Jubilee Stakes
  • Australia Champion Sprinter (2011, 2012, 2013)
  • Racehorse of the year (2011,  2012, 2013)

She is nicknamed Black Caviar Lightning, because of the numerous wins in Grade1 or the lightening Stakes.

2.    Kincsem

Probably one of the best racehorse from the late 19th-century that dominated the races for over four seasons, winning them all. Raised and bred in Hungary, Kincsem raced in Germany, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, and the UK.

In 1878, she was the proud winner of significant trophies, including Grosser Preis von Baden, Grand Prix de Deauville, and the Goodwood Cup.

In later years, Kincsem was used for breeding. Other famous racehorses that are her descendants include Camelot and Polygamy. Check out more on football Betting, how to handicap.

3.    Kelso

The horse gets in name from a racecourse track in Scottland that hosts races. It is one of the greatest horse of all time, for beating other Hall of Fame Horses popular in the twentieth century. Kelso was active in the early 1960s and won countless major American horseraces. Kelso was crowned;

  • ‘American Champion Three-Year-Old.
  • Jockey Club Gold Cup winner (five times)
  • American Racehorse of the year (1960-1964)
  • Champion Older Male Horse (1961-1964)

All these honors were records that she set, proving how great of a horse she is.

4.    Makybe Diva (2005)

Makybe Diva was born and bred in England before relocating to Australia, where she had much success. Australia’s most famous horserace that causes a lot of buzz worldwide is the Melbourne Cup. Makybe Dive participated in these races between 2004 and 2006 and won a record three times! No other horse had attained this feat before.

She is best known for her astounding performances in Flemington races by winning countless times.

In 2005, she joined a small group of talented horses by participating in the Melbourne Cup and Cox Plate. Accolades;

  • Australia Racehorse of the Year (2005, 2006)
  • Champion Australian Stayer (2005, 2005, 2006)

5.    Native Dancer

Native Dancer was a thoroughbred horse that won ‘Horse of the Year’ twice. (1952,54) He won 20 of his 21 career starts. The only race he didn’t win was the famous Kentucky Derby of 1953, where he lost Dark Star at the finish, unfortunately, due to being bumped twice. His other notable wins came when he took part in the Belmont Stakes and Preakness Stakes in 1953.

6. Man O’ War (1920)

Any list of the greatest horserace of all-time cannot exclude Man O’ War, an American Sporting Stallion popular in the 1920s. War was prevalent during this time. The horse gets the name from the ‘British Royal Native Army’ that manned the waters with agility.

Man O’ War won 20 out of the 21 races she participated in. He was an admirable horse, War Admiral, who followed his steps by winning both the American Triple Crown and the English race, Battleship.

7.    American Pharaoh

As the name suggests, this horse became the king of racehorse in more recent years. 2015 was a good year for him, bagging the Tripple Crown Champion. He also became a Grand Slam champion by emerging the winner of 9 out of 11 of his career stats. In 2014, he was crowned ‘American Champion 2-year-old male.”

8.   Cout fleet (1943)

This fabulous horse is the proud winner of the Tripple Crown in 1943. He enjoyed a super clean and consistent performance throughout his career by maintaining the top three positions.

9.    Zenyatta

Zenyatta is a thoroughbred from NorthAmerica with 16 wins consecutively in the major stakes races she was part of. She was crowned Horse of the Year in 2010. Zenyatta had 19 wins out of 20, making it very simple to predict her wins.

10.      Secretariat (1973)

In 1973, Secretariat’ won the US Trippel Crown showcasing how fine a thoroughbred horse he was. It wasn’t just about finishing first. He set time records in all three major races making him one of the Best racehorse ever. For over 25 years, no other horse had won the triple race. He raised the bar of excellence so high that no other horse to date has succeeded in breaking most of his records.

He did it with so much style; any time fans talk about the race, the first name that pops up is ‘Big Red,” his nickname. He beat his fiercest competitor Sham a couple of times and even won the Belmont Stakes by 31- lengths. Cout Fleet held the previous record of 25- lengths in 1943.

Other Accolades;

  • American Horse of the Year (1972-73)
  • USA ‘Champion Juvenile Colt and Three-Year-Old.”
  • Marlboro Cup Winner

All horses on this list provided something special in the world of horse racing that is still memorable. Check out videos of these classic races, to relive the moment. Hockey is one of the best games to play, despite being one of the best games, there have been times where there were fights during the game, check out the fights in hockey history

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Football Betting: How to Handicap


Just like most of the competitive sports, in football, there are typically perceived strengths and qualities between the two meeting teams. Several different influences bring about the superiority of one side over the other. That could be financial backing, player availability/injuries or home advantage or even historical dominance.

Soccer betting uses the mentioned influences to form the odds of each side before a game. It, therefore, becomes almost palpable on who is going to win the match hence less attractive and small odds. Gambling started in earlier days and has been ongoing since then, there are some Ancients forms of gambling that have been in use .

What is Handicap Betting?

It is ideal when the perceived difference in the two teams based on their abilities is enormous. Therefore, the betting odds on the favourite team to win is very small, giving minute returns to punters. To counter this biasness in perceived abilities and give more appealing and balanced odds, bookmakers introduced the handicap betting.

So, in football handicap odds level the playing ground hence giving better odds. Handicap accounts for the difference in the perceived abilities between the two teams. It applies a goal handicap on both sides – negative and positive.

That gives players higher odds, and it becomes interesting, unlike betting just on the three common possible outcomes – 1X2. In other words, bookmakers are levelling the field of play by introducing a virtual disadvantage or advantage to the teams involved.

Looking at an example here between Manchester United and Bournemouth where Manchester United are the favorites to win this game. Their odds would be so low and not appealing at all so punters can check on handicap betting for this match. Thus, the bookmaker could give Bournemouth a 2-0 handicap.

What that means is you have given Bournemouth an added advantage of 2 goals upfront. If you pick Bournemouth to win with the two goals handicap, it means even if Manchester United win the game by 1-0, you will still win the bet. In the eyes of the bookies, the final score is Manchester United 1-2 Bournemouth.

No Draw Handicap

Handicap betting was introduced to make one-sided contests more enticing and exciting for the punters. With this type of handicap, there is always a guaranteed winner regardless of the results of the game. Bookmakers will offer half handicaps to specific teams in the no draw handicap match betting. 

For example, there is a match between Norwich and Aston Villa in the Premier League. The bookmaker decides to give Norwich a +1.5 handicap. You decide to place your bet on Norwich to win and the final results of the game turn out to be Norwich 2-3 Aston Villa.

From the results, your bet will payout as in the eyes of the bookmaker Norwich have won the match by 3.5-3 because of the handicap. The game can barely end in a draw according to this handicap as in football there are no half goals. However, it is prudent to note that in handicap scenarios, it only works for the match you are placing your bet on only.

Handicap League Betting

It is a popular handicap betting fancied by many gamblers. Handicap league betting is where players are offered a handicap bet on the performance of a team throughout the season. In this betting, you will wager your bets at the beginning of the season.

The bets will be based on odds that offer different handicaps for all the teams in that league division. League favorites will be given the scratch handicap of zero. Other teams in the league will have handicaps based on expectations of the bookmaker on how they will perform. More substantial handicaps will be placed on weaker teams in the league to level the field of play.

This handicap betting is different from the handicap match betting. With the handicap match betting, the handicap only applies to the selection you have chosen for you to calculate the outcome of the game after it has been played. With handicap league betting the handicap applies to the teams you have placed the bet on to get their results after the season is complete.

After all the handicaps have been applied, then the final league table will be determined in the eyes of the bookmaker to find out if your bet was successful.

Asian Handicap Betting

It is a handicap betting popularized in Asia, and it comprises of whole and half numbers. That means there are no draws just like the no draw handicap match betting. The main difference, however, with this Asian handicap is that you could have split handicaps.

The selection you bet on could be having one half number handicap and one whole number handicap.


Norwich (-1, -1.5) vs Aston villa (+1, +1.5)

In the example above, Norwich has to win the game by two clear goals to win the bet. However, if Norwich wins by one goal, the handicap on the whole number means the match was a draw while the half number handicap will present Aston villa with a win.

If you had placed your bet on Norwich win, then you will be given half your wager amount back. Anyone who had put their bet on Aston villa will receive half their stake. The other half will be given as winning based on the bookmaker’s odds.

Final Thoughts

Handicap betting levels the field of play for outcomes in a match that seems so obvious. It gives a virtual advantage or disadvantage to the teams involved to make a bet more attractive and raise the odds.