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Top 10 Free Slot Games for iPad

As stated earlier, iPad is an excellent tool for slot game lovers.  It has received tremendous love from most gamblers because it has made slot gaming easier and better. iPad brings gamers an easy way to access their games on a quick and responsive screen, superior display quality, and excellent imaging one couldn’t even imagine in the casino world.

With that said, if you’ve enjoyed gambling and casino with your iPad but didn’t know where you can find best and free slots games to play, you’re in the right place. Below are the top ten free slot games for iPad every casino enthusiast should know and play with their phones:

Avalon Slot

Right up in our list comes this famous game most iPad owners enjoy- the Avalon slot. While playing Avalon slot, gamers enjoy an adventure of traveling back and forth to the land of King Arthur, where they’re supposed to find the famous lady of lakes.

The game is also fantastic with its features that demand players to have free spins after one is able to find the lady of the lake.

 In the event you get a free spin, the Avalon slot will bring a treasure chest, which is always good because the chest doubles your winnings.  Again, if you’re looking to win as much as your skills allow you for the game, make sure you watch out for the Avalon Castle that keeps on showing up while the game is in progress.

Now, when it comes to why this game is best played on iPad, here is what you should know:

Avalon slot is a Microgaming slot game that is highly compatible with mobiles. With the features of iPad, controlling the game features is, therefore, smooth and exciting.

The Tomb Raider Slot

If you’re in love with magical games, this is going to be one of the slots games you’ll sit and play without exhaustion.

In this game, your iPad will help you enjoy the adventure of helping a character called Lara Croft find treasures in the game’s exciting video.

The other reason why an iPad is the best tool for this game is because it comes with excellent features such as the pick and win game, which is easy to maneuver with a mobile phone.

The Mega Moolah

Now, if you enjoy playing slots games or just any other video games on your phone, this is going to be one you’ll genuinely want to enjoy almost every time.

The game comes with continuous jackpots, which you can keep playing to increase your winnings with your phone even amid places others who use other devices like desktops can’t access or play the game comfortably.

Most people like to play the game with mobiles because it is faster on phones, and the jackpots are running at a whopping amount of about 13 million dollars, so everyone is trying their luck almost every minute.

Megan’s slot is the other good thing because the game doesn’t really matter about the amount of stake you have.  With whatever amount you have, you still stand to win a jackpot. The game is called a game of luck, and so you don’t really know who will win, so keep playing with your iPad all the time.

Gonzo’s Slot

Another beautiful game you can comfortably play with your iPad is the Gonzo’s slot. The game is designed from the famous NetEnt, which gives you a chance to explore the adventure of the ancient Peruvian ruins.

The best thing is that players who have played this game swear about its breath taking atmosphere and unique casino experience. Well, if you like to enjoy excellent games with your phone, this is going to be one of the best iPad slots games for you.

Twin spin

This is another slot you’ll enjoy with your phone. The game comes with a combination of traditional symbols most people like, such as Cherries, Bells, and Bars.

Mr. Vegas

This is going to help you feel like you’re in the best city of Las Vegas in the comfort of your phone. The game is full of attractive girls and full of luxury looks that help you keep playing to increase your winning chances. The game’s design is to help you feel the sense of good life you’d have once you’ve won big. Some slots also have been designed for girls and are very attractive just like Mr. Vegas slot game.

Mega Fortune

This is another great slot game that is designed as a video game for your casino experience. At the comfort of your phone, you’ll enjoy magical gambling events such as the yachts and other millionaire lifestyle symbols.

The Jack and Beanstalk slot

If you’re a fan of fairytales, this is one of the slots games you’ll also want to enjoy with your iPad. The game’s excellent features give you a chance to win easily because it is designed with easy to maneuver with mobiles. If you play excellently, you can easily win over three hundred thousand dollars.

The Starburst slot game

This is also one of iPad best slot games you’ll want to try. With the help of your phone, this slot is designed with the potential of faster maneuvering. The other thing is that with a phone, you can quickly log in and out and make payouts faster than with other devices. 

Again, your phone will be filled with exciting symbols that are aimed at helping you master the game so you can increase your chances of winning.

Again, because of iPad’s ability to display high-resolution images, you’ll enjoy Jack and Beanstalk’s features that come with colourful and beautiful symbols. The game also has winning hits that help after every spin and are faster, which is why using an iPad will help you catch hits and increase your chances of winning.  That said, if you’re gambling enthusiast who don’t want to miss a single, the above slots will always be with you in your phone. You might also check out for the best Gambling Apps.

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Top 10 Female Poker Players

 Let’s get the party started, shall we?

Vanessa Selbst

Well, our first female poker player you’re going to like is Vanessa Selbst. Even though she is known to have retired from playing major poker tournaments, for the most part, she still remains one of the female poker players that have recorded tremendous winnings.

She’s known to have a history of $11.9 million from her worldwide known live poker tournament winnings. Again, Vanessa tops the list of female poker players in the list of 100- All-time Money list that went viral around the globe.

Best of all, Vanessa has a long list of poker achievements including winning the world best series of poker bracelets inclusive of: the back-to-back NAPT titles awarded in 2010 at the Mohegan Sun and in 2011 when she won a whopping $1.2 million and the same year; she walked away with the Partouche poker Tour Cannes championship walking away with $1.8 million.

Additionally, her poker fame skyrocketed when she appeared in the mainstream televised headlines cash games for two years in a row-2010 and 2011. You might also become a poker expert, all you need to do is have much knowledge of how to win at Poker.

Kristen Bicknell

Next up in our list is this female poker player who recorded a massive wining for two years in a row starting from 2018 to 2019. She is also one of the hottest players in poker who earned the title – sexiest porker player for years in the industry.

In 2016, Kristen’s poker experienced boosted when she finished second in the Global Poker Index player of the year. Afterward, she went ahead and became the leading female player for three straight years -2017, 2018, and 2019 where she also regularly topped in the top-ten overall standings.

 Kristen’s poker skills are known to have come to light in 2006 when she was a college student and is now recording overall poker winnings of about $5.1 million in live competitions and over three million dollars in online gaming.

Her first poker breakthrough and colossal poker wining came in 2013 when she walked away with a whopping $1000 from the famous ladies championship that was played at the world series of poker that was estimated at $173,922 holding amount.

Three years later, after winning the world’s ladies championship, Kristen walked away again with a poker bracelet with an estimated amount of $1500. In 2017, she became the world’s best female poker champion after winning the Five Diamond World poker classic that took her home with a whopping $199,840.

Jennifer Harman

Again, our list is lightened by one famous Vegas female poker heroine, non-other than Jennifer Herman. Herman is celebrated as one of the female poker professionals who have played in the world’s biggest games around the globe. She holds a record of winning two famous WSOP poker bracelets and over $2.8million in live gaming tournaments.

Born and grew in Reno, Nevada, she is known to have started playing poker using a fake identity while still underage in small-stake poker games.  While she was in college at the University of Nevada, she became their best cocktail waitress, a job that opened doors for her poker enthusiasm where she started playing more significant games. 

Maria Ho

Originating from Los Angeles, Ho is one of the best female players around the globe. She is not only a poker star but also a poker commentator most poker enthusiasts admire.

Ho’s significant poker winnings came in 2011 when she wore $5000 as the second runner-up. In 2018, she made her name again in the poker world after hosting one of the famous poker championships under Johannesburg’s WPT title.

Barbara Enright

Enright is also a famous female player with a high winning of $1.7 million in live tournaments. In 1996, Barbara became the first woman to win the famous Poker WSOP bracelet that she played in an open event where she walked away with $2500.

Kathy Liebert

Kathy is one of the famous female players who record a reputable title that came from struggling. Her fame wasn’t a comfortable journey because when she started, women were really not accepted in the poker world. This was true until she took down $6.1 million in a live competition in 1995. In 1997, she won the WSOP and became more famous to date.

Liv Boeree

Liv is an English female player that is famous for her poker winnings estimated to be about $3.9 million. In 2008, she became the best player in the ladies’ events after taking down a game that made her walk away with $2000.

Annie Duke

Well, duke is known among the most successful female poker heroine of all time. She started playing poker in the online games until she started winning colossal amounts that brought her to light. She is known to have a winning record of almost $4.3 million from her live gaming. Duke is also the NBA poker champion of 2018.

Annette Obrestad

Annette is a Norwegian great female poker star, who made a history in 2017 after winning the world’s best inaugural series of poker when she walked away with over $2 million at the age of only eight years only.

 After making history as the youngest female poker player to take down a whopping amount, she made a second history after winning an online tournament just two months down the line when she took down another $4 million without even looking at her cards! Other than the having the knowledge oh how to win at poker, she also is very lucky when it comes to gambling .

Maria Constanza

This famous Greek female player closes our window of the top 10 female poker players the world has produced. Well, with Maria Constanza, she is known to have won a massive amount in poker starting with her first big win when she went home with $3.4 million from a live competition.

 In 2014 and 2016, Maria was a hot cake in the poker world where she finished in second positions overall for two consecutive years at the WPT Brussels National Poker events that won her over $75,067. In the same year 2016, she won about $11, 00 from the Eureka Main Poker event, where she had the help of her famous boyfriend- Ivan Luca, who’s also a giant poker player. If you are a gambling enthusiast , you might want to play Poker in Las Vegas since it is one of the best places that hosts Poker.

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Top 8 gifts for gamblers

If you’ve family members or friends who are die-hard gamblers, you’re probably aware that gifting them will help them horn their gambling skills and boost their enthusiasm. This may help the to win the at best casino games with the highest payouts. If you’ve been looking gamblers gifts you can present and make your gambler relative or friend happy, here are the top 8 gifts for gamblers everyone is talking about:


One thing is real for gamblers: Keychains mean a lot to them. Keychains don’t just help them enjoy their gambling experience but also boost their gambling charisma, which is a vital factor in horning their skills and know the Ins and Outs of gambling.

If you want your relative or friend to master gambling and keep winning or never feel discouraged, present them gamblers Keychains and watch their gambling skills skyrocket above the shelves.

 Gamblers Keychains come with themes, or slot machines that can bring top-games skills such as Roulette or blackjack- such games are the ones’ almost every player is looking to master, give such a gift to your dear ones and watch them enjoy their gambling experience.

Custom gambling playing cards

What makes a gift magnificent is its uniqueness, and that is not an exception for gamblers. To give your gambling enthusiast friend or relative a chance to feel appreciated as much as their gambling love is concerned, provide them with a custom gambling card.

 Even better, you can customize the card by adding a motivational quote or tips and tactics to win in gambling.

The above doesn’t just act as a factor of motivation but also helps one feel accepted and supported in what they love most- gambling.

Gambling personalized items

As you can imagine, it feels tremendously useful to have a personalized item for specific occasions, and gamblers feel special when playing with such items at hand.

You can decide to present your gambling friend or relative a personalized gambling mug or desktop they can be using while playing. If you choose to give a gambling coffee mug as a gift, you can brand it with an ace of spades or anything you’re sure the person will love based on their gambling experience.

Gambling slots machines

If you’re in a position to afford a slot machine, there is no better gift you can give to your beloved gambling enthusiast than a gambling slot machine.

If you’ve decided a slot machine is what you’ll present as a gift, make sure you’ve customized it to fit the gambler’s gaming needs. The other reason for gifting a gambler a slot machine is that it will help him gamble at the comfort of their residing place. Yes, you’ve read that right. One won’t need to go to a casino when he’s fixed with chores or in case of any circumstances, but they’ll still enjoy the gambling at home.

Gambling themed lighter

If you imagine your gambling enthusiastic relative or friend at a casino table holding his gambling themed lighter, you’ll feel how magnificent it is they’ll be feeling too while gaming.

A gambling themed lighter is used by most gamblers to call for attention and also helps one feel his skills are above the shelves. When it comes to gambling ,some animals are believed to bring good luck and it is very important for a gambler to try out the slots .

Gambling Notepad

If you’re an experienced gambler used to following card games, you know a lined gambling notepad is a real deal to have. For those of you planning to present gifts to your gambling loved ones, identify their best games before choosing what to offer. If the person you’re selecting the gift for is a lover of card games, a notepad is the best gift you can present to them.

Get your gambler’s notepad gift and enter your person of interest’s gambling strategy, gaming details, best games, and note some pointers for the card games.

Gambling dice bracelet

For experienced gamblers and fans, there is something you know that is certain for all- a dice bracelet is known to be an aura usually attached to a gambler’s card.

If you genuinely want to make your gambling friend happy, especially those who like card games, make sure you buy them, not just any bracelet but also casino themed. Why:

Because for gamblers, a casino themed dice bracelet makes them look genuinely, gambling gallants.

Take them on a casino trip

Well, an excellent gambler’s gift doesn’t always have to be a tangible present. The idea of giving players gifts and presents is to help them feel motivated and scale their skills.

If you’re able, taking a gambler for a casino trip can be an excellent gift to offer.

Select one of the best gambling destinations you know and get them there. This will help them watch or participate in gambling with experienced gamblers who will help them sharpen their skills.

The other excellent reason why a casino trip can be the best gift for a gambler is because it helps them learn new tips and tactics they can bring home and become masters of the game until others learn such tricks.

Top reasons why you should gift gamblers

After taking you through the top 8 gifts, you can give a gambler and help them feel appreciated, here are top reasons you should consider giving your gambling friend or relative:

Help them horn their skills

This is the first reason we both know. Gifting someone helps them become more competitive because of their motivational feelings. Apart from gifting the gamblers to motivate them, you can also share inspirational quotes with them to build up their energy in gambling.

Increases their winning chances

Believe this; a gambler who is gifted time after time keeps more focus on gaming, which reduces their chances of losing. Just like the theory of reinforcement, a player will feel that winning isn’t just for themselves but also for their fans.

  • Helps one become a professional

Once you start getting prizes in any game, it is common knowledge that you begin to play as a professional. The same happens to gifted gamblers.

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Top 5 Benefits of Being a High-Roller


Casinos love players who bet with high amounts of cash any time they are at the premises. These players increase the casinos’ net profits significantly. These are the gamblers referred to as high rollers. However, not only those who spend huge sums of cash are invited to the high-roller program, but some casinos will also bring in the players that frequently wager at the casino even with small stakes.

Typically, the high rollers are also the most experienced players at the casino. The staff and casino operators give them special attention. High rollers invest a lot of time and money in casinos, which accords them that status and power. With their ton of experience gambling, they can wager huge sums of money since they already have a winning strategy.

The casinos, in turn, treat the high rollers like kings of the jungle. They are given special treatment and lots of bonuses and benefits. These players automatically become VIP members at that particular casino. Here are five perks high rollers enjoy at a casino:

Bonus Perks

High rollers will receive bonuses in different options and dimensions to keep them returning to a specific casino and remain loyal. Some of these bonuses may seem like small gestures, but they go a long way in retaining the high rollers at the casino. Casino games also offer gifts which you might want to receive, the gifts may include the bonus. The bonuses include:

  • Preferential treatment at some other joints arranged for by the casino. These may include treats to lush spas or restaurants in the city.
  • Designated free parking.
  • Cash cards from the casino – these cards will cover your shopping expenses up to a certain amount of money.
  • Access to the most mouth-watering food and liquor in town.
  • Access to casino merchandise

Personalized Chances

Many of the casino tables have limits as to the maximum amount you can wager. The high rollers, however, do not have to worry about such an issue. On a table where a regular gambler will be allowed to play for $50, a high roller can play for even $20,000.

Different casinos will have specific rules for this exception, but whichever the case, all a whale has to do is tell the casino operator his intentions and how much they plan to spend. Watch as the other players fall back to let the high roller play for the amount of cash they want to wager.

Also, have in mind that the higher the amount you play with, the higher the potential returns. High rollers stand to win huge profits if they win the bet and make significant losses if the bet losses. Some high rollers will use their status to negotiate rules at the casino table in their favor.

Luxury accommodation

Another benefit high rollers enjoy from their status in casinos is luxury suites. Casinos will ensure that other casinos will not prey on their high roller by offering them luxurious accommodation. Imagine living under the roof of a lush magnificent building courtesy of the biggest casino in town. You do not have to pay a dime for any of that privilege.

Casinos will want their big players to feel appreciated and not switch loyalties, which is why they will provide such luxurious incentives. In return, the high roller will always bet at that casino and in huge sums of money without ever switching to another casino as long as they receive the benefits.

Faster Withdrawals

Among the niftiest things, high rollers enjoy at a casino is the benefit of deposits and withdrawals. For the newbies, casinos will impose advanced deposit limits. You are at liberty to flex the amount of money you want to deposit according to your requirements and tastes.

Some casinos will assist you in any way with the limits of deposits, whether you have just started or been there for some time. However, the juice of the story is when it comes to withdrawals. If you are a high roller at a casino, the casino will make special treatment for you on the withdrawals.

Your withdrawal limits will be raised, and the withdrawal will be swift. With high roller withdrawals, there are no delays that you would expect with the other player’s withdrawals.

Trying Out New Games before Everyone Else

When new slots are introduced in a casino, everyone wants to try it out and get the unique experience. However, the high rollers do not have to scramble with other players as they rush to play the game. Some of these big and successful casinos will avail the new games to their high rollers even before the game is introduced on the platform.

The VIP club members will enjoy the new game and learn some of its tricks before it lands on regular players’ hands. It is among the premier perks enjoyed by high rollers. In regards to slots, high rollers have the chance to play the Top 10 Pay out Slots with the Highest RTP at casinos.


High rollers at any casino enjoy a ton of benefits. Among them are the five benefits covered in this guide showing how they live well courtesy of the casinos they play in. To be a high roller at a casino, you have to meet certain thresholds, and then you can have access to the VIP club.

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Football Betting: How to Handicap


Just like most of the competitive sports, in football, there are typically perceived strengths and qualities between the two meeting teams. Several different influences bring about the superiority of one side over the other. That could be financial backing, player availability/injuries or home advantage or even historical dominance.

Soccer betting uses the mentioned influences to form the odds of each side before a game. It, therefore, becomes almost palpable on who is going to win the match hence less attractive and small odds. Gambling started in earlier days and has been ongoing since then, there are some Ancients forms of gambling that have been in use .

What is Handicap Betting?

It is ideal when the perceived difference in the two teams based on their abilities is enormous. Therefore, the betting odds on the favourite team to win is very small, giving minute returns to punters. To counter this biasness in perceived abilities and give more appealing and balanced odds, bookmakers introduced the handicap betting.

So, in football handicap odds level the playing ground hence giving better odds. Handicap accounts for the difference in the perceived abilities between the two teams. It applies a goal handicap on both sides – negative and positive.

That gives players higher odds, and it becomes interesting, unlike betting just on the three common possible outcomes – 1X2. In other words, bookmakers are levelling the field of play by introducing a virtual disadvantage or advantage to the teams involved.

Looking at an example here between Manchester United and Bournemouth where Manchester United are the favorites to win this game. Their odds would be so low and not appealing at all so punters can check on handicap betting for this match. Thus, the bookmaker could give Bournemouth a 2-0 handicap.

What that means is you have given Bournemouth an added advantage of 2 goals upfront. If you pick Bournemouth to win with the two goals handicap, it means even if Manchester United win the game by 1-0, you will still win the bet. In the eyes of the bookies, the final score is Manchester United 1-2 Bournemouth.

No Draw Handicap

Handicap betting was introduced to make one-sided contests more enticing and exciting for the punters. With this type of handicap, there is always a guaranteed winner regardless of the results of the game. Bookmakers will offer half handicaps to specific teams in the no draw handicap match betting. 

For example, there is a match between Norwich and Aston Villa in the Premier League. The bookmaker decides to give Norwich a +1.5 handicap. You decide to place your bet on Norwich to win and the final results of the game turn out to be Norwich 2-3 Aston Villa.

From the results, your bet will payout as in the eyes of the bookmaker Norwich have won the match by 3.5-3 because of the handicap. The game can barely end in a draw according to this handicap as in football there are no half goals. However, it is prudent to note that in handicap scenarios, it only works for the match you are placing your bet on only.

Handicap League Betting

It is a popular handicap betting fancied by many gamblers. Handicap league betting is where players are offered a handicap bet on the performance of a team throughout the season. In this betting, you will wager your bets at the beginning of the season.

The bets will be based on odds that offer different handicaps for all the teams in that league division. League favorites will be given the scratch handicap of zero. Other teams in the league will have handicaps based on expectations of the bookmaker on how they will perform. More substantial handicaps will be placed on weaker teams in the league to level the field of play.

This handicap betting is different from the handicap match betting. With the handicap match betting, the handicap only applies to the selection you have chosen for you to calculate the outcome of the game after it has been played. With handicap league betting the handicap applies to the teams you have placed the bet on to get their results after the season is complete.

After all the handicaps have been applied, then the final league table will be determined in the eyes of the bookmaker to find out if your bet was successful.

Asian Handicap Betting

It is a handicap betting popularized in Asia, and it comprises of whole and half numbers. That means there are no draws just like the no draw handicap match betting. The main difference, however, with this Asian handicap is that you could have split handicaps.

The selection you bet on could be having one half number handicap and one whole number handicap.


Norwich (-1, -1.5) vs Aston villa (+1, +1.5)

In the example above, Norwich has to win the game by two clear goals to win the bet. However, if Norwich wins by one goal, the handicap on the whole number means the match was a draw while the half number handicap will present Aston villa with a win.

If you had placed your bet on Norwich win, then you will be given half your wager amount back. Anyone who had put their bet on Aston villa will receive half their stake. The other half will be given as winning based on the bookmaker’s odds.

Final Thoughts

Handicap betting levels the field of play for outcomes in a match that seems so obvious. It gives a virtual advantage or disadvantage to the teams involved to make a bet more attractive and raise the odds.