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Bagging a jackpot could change your life for good. The ideal way to secure good cash at a casino is by engaging the games with high payouts. The majority of gamblers tend to think that winning at a casino is pure luck. Well, some players may be lucky sometimes, but most of the time, winning is based on probability and statistics.

You are better placed to win at a casino on a game that has a small house edge. That game has better odds than the one with a huge house edge. The following is a list of casino games that offer high odds and hence pay outs to the players.

Blackjack – House edge 1%

Many gamblers prefer playing blackjack at the casino to win money. If you apply the prominent winning blackjack strategy, you are sure to reap big from this game. With just a 1% on the house edge, the player has a winning possibility of 99%. Players without a winning strategy could end up with a house edge of 3% or 2%. 

Currently, blackjack is the most common game played by high rollers. That is because there is a strategy that, if you adhere to, you might win yourself some good money. If you feel you have acquired some gaming skills, then blackjack is an easy game to earn big money.

Baccarat – House edge 1.09%

Among the famous casino games is Baccarat. It also falls in the category of high payout casino games. However, as you would expect with high payout games, the amount you place the bet with is quite substantial. That means if you are to lose, you will lose a lot just like if you win, you win a lot of money.

Having that in mind ensures that you only place a bet when the winning odds are much on your side. In most of these online casinos, the players win 49.32% of the outcomes while the banker cashes in 50.68%.

Craps – house edge 1.41%

Typically, crap games have an enlarged scope of the house edge, which could be as high as 10% or no house edge. Normally, odd bets have a 0% house edge while Pass Line bet has a house edge of 1.41%.  When the house edge is zero, you could seize the opportunity.

To qualify for the bet, however, you may need to have made a Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line. The average house edge is calculated from the amount you place a bet with at the Craps table. Many casinos will give 3X odds, which makes the average house edge to be 0.47% for the Pass Line odds and 0.34% for Don’t Pass. Once at casino table here are the Best Casino Table Games

Roulette – house edge 2.7%

Roulette gives their players a diverse variety of odds, even though they all lead to the exact house edge when averaged. The European and American roulettes have no much of a distinction. Both have numbers from 1-36 with all the numbers in black or red positions.

For the American roulette, you can expect the house edge to the range of 5.26% while the player has 47.37%. Regardless of the odds given out, you will find that the European roulette’s house edge stands at 2.7%. That means it has a higher payout than the American roulette.

Three Card Poker – house edge 3.37%

This game is based on poker. The game has been popular, all thanks to the high payouts to players. However, most of the profits go to the casino or the guys who own rights to this specific game. Many players fancy the game as it does not involve too much observation or attention due to several betting options.

Players will normally have winning odds of 44.91% while the dealer has 55.03%. Generally, if you are looking for a casino game that breaks the traditional games’ boredom, then Three Card Poker is your go-to game.

Poker Pursuit.

You probably have never come across this casino game known as Poker Pursuit. It is not as popular, but if you are the player who loves trying out new games, then this game is worth your time. The game has a high payout, and when done correctly, you can secure huge winnings from here.

Caribbean Stud Poker – house edge 5.2%

Many players find this game quite easy to play with an easy concept to grasp. Some casinos will even give you free game-plays for you to learn. The winning idea here is to raise if you have a pair or higher, or if you have less than what the dealer’s qualifying hand is you fold.

The qualifying hand could be an Ace or a King. The average house edge for this game is 5.2%, but progressive jackpots take up the risks involved. Both the Straight Flush and the Royal Flush have equal odds, 50:1. Players are paid from right, moving to the left by the dealer.

That means if two players secure a royal flush, the one closer to the dealer on their right will be awarded the full jackpot. The player who has the right flush will then be given just 10% of the amount remaining. Check out the Top 10 Pay Out Slots with the Highest RTP.


These are among the high paying casino games. Their odds are much higher, and the house edges are lower. If you follow a strategy, you could win lots of cash as gambling is all about strategy and patience.        

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